Established in 2019, Fuego has become a trailblazer in Singapore's nightlife, renowned for its vibrant party series that spotlight Reggaeton, Dancehall, and Afrobeat music. Spearheaded by Empire Collective's own Skilla and KFaith, Fuego has rapidly captured the hearts of partygoers, transforming every night into an unforgettable celebration of rhythm and energy.


Now, Fuego is channeling this electrifying spirit into it's clothing line. Skilla, KFaith, and Zax are infusing the same passion and dynamism that define our events into every piece of clothing we create. Our apparel aims to bring the essence of Fuego to your everyday life. Whether you're on the dance floor or the streets, our clothing will keep you connected to the vibrant culture and unrestrained energy that Fuego represents.